Week #12 and #13. The MSTC in Prague

Last week I was preparing my presentation for the RELATE-MSTC (Multi Skills Training Camp) in Prague. I was very exciting because it was going to be the first time I was to meet with my colleagues in the RELATE project. Now I can definitely say that the experience is being amazing! We have attended to  talks with different scopes: presentation skills, paralell programming, etc. In the same way we have attended to our own presentations. Each fellow was in charge of presenting their results, research questions and so on to finally keep a discussion with others.  This kind of collaboration meetings are very fruitful and I think I have improved my knowledge about some cloud computing issues. I have also presented my progress in quality of service and I hope to do my best in the next camp. Apart from that we are now attending to the ICPE 2013 conferencia, more specifically to the Hot topics workshop!

Let me leave my presentation  (position) here:

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