Grants and Stays

As a key-important activity in researching I have obtained some grants and made stays in other research institutions.




Following a list of the official degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science (with a distinction “cum laude”). Department of Computer Science, University of Oviedo. September 2009-June 2012.
  • Research Work. Doctorate Program 34.1-“Internet computer systems and services”. Computer Science Department at University of Oviedo.  Title: “Interoperability and integration in Service Oriented Architectures using Semantics” Qualification: First Class.
  • Master of Computer Science, University of Oviedo. Thesis: “Ontospread: applying Spreading Activation techniques to ontologies”. Qualification: Proposal for First Class with Distinction. November 2007.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Oviedo Thesis: “Flex: Fitness Language Extended”. Qualification: First Class. January 2005.

Moreover I have attended other courses in order to complete my education:

  • The Reasoning Web Summer School 2011.
  • Course: “Introduction to electronic DNI (Spanish ID)”. 8h. 2010.
  • Course: “Introduction to digital signature”. 8h. 2010.
  • Course: “Introduction to Services Management”. 1h. 2010.
  • Course: “Law about personal data protection in Spain. LOPD.”. 10h. 2010.
  • Course: “Methodologies and Certifications”. 1h. 2010.
  • Course: “Introduction to software engineering. Lifecyles.”. 2h. 2010.
  • Course: “Introduction to XBRL”. 5h. 2010.
  • Course of “Management of FP7 projects”. 20h. FADE (Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs). November 2009.
  • Course online of “Leadership and management of human resources”. 150h. CREA institute. March 2009.
  • Course FSE: “Mobile Internet Architecture”. 22h. December 2006.
  • Course of “Computer Science Specialist Reporter”.14h. COIIPA. December 2005.
  • Course Extension of University of Oviedo: “XML, Web Services and Semantic Web”. 45h. March 2004.
  • Course Extension of University of Oviedo: “Building web sites with CSS”. 45h. October 2003.
  • Course Extension of University of Oviedo: “Vector Graphics with Macromedia Flash”. 45h. October 2003.
  • Course: “Advanced Java”. 175h. Fundación Metal Asturias – Avilés. July 2003.