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Week #3 in Thessaloniki

This week I will be updating this post because I am reading a lot of papers and I need a way to track them. Following the same structure of last weeks I leave some links to the activities I am carrying out:


I have focused on some interesting subjects Statistics (Bayesian networks), Data Streams, Feedback Control Loops, Autonomous Computing and e-Learning systems (this is just for personal interest). I have started, and finished, the next list of papers and books:

Writing and reviewing

I would like to leave the link to an article about “How to review a paper“, an excellent guide to evaluate your reviews and take into account your responsibilities as reviewer.

Coding and Tools

I have not made any relevant progress in developing tasks but I have being refreshing my know-how on R.


I have finished the evaluation of alumni in Health Information Systems and I am very proud of the marks and the work carried out by student during the last months. I have some links of their works building mashups but I prefer do not leave here the links due to privacy issues.

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