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Week #9 in Thessaloniki

Just a few comments for this week (to be completed)….

Reading (pi = persona interest)

Writing, reviewing and researching

  • I am finishing the book chapter about publishing statistical data in RDF
  • I am managing a Special Issue in the Journal of Computers in Industry, Elsevier
  • I just realized that Labra added me in the Acknowledgements part of his work about “Multilingual Open Data Patterns” I am very proud of that! (to be honest I just collaborated in the first presentation with some links and specially through some comments with regards to SKOS-XL). I also suggest to read the paper in which each of the patterns is explained and discussed with excellent examples.


  • I have had a meeting with my SEERC colleagues to present my prototype and plan next actions in QoS, etc.
  • I have had a meeting with Michalis Vafoupolus to prepare the Linked Data Cup paper.

Coding and Tools

  • I have implemented a real-time based architecture using the Lambda approach and following some hints from Pere Ferrera. It is not the same algorithm and I am just take the approach to tackle the problem not source code. Next steps include to use RDF as views for batch and real-time layers using SPARQL federated queries (for instance Fedex). The example just takes a Twitter stream using Tweet4J API and counts words presenting the results in a HTML page. Documentation is available here and also the the source code (under development).
  • I have linked to the CPV the public procurement notices from UK, USA and AUS.

Other things

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