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Week #7 in Thessaloniki

Just a few comments for this week (to be completed)….

Reading (pi = persona interest)

Writing, reviewing and researching

  • I am reviewing a paper for a Special Isuee of a JCR journal
  • I am finishing the book chapter about publishing statistical data in RDF
  • I have also made the first review of WESOMENDER (we have to work hard to get a good contribution but the expectations are high)
  • I have been invited to be part of the PC of the Special Session “Engineering Tool Integration for Industrial Automation System Development (ETAS 2013)” in conjuction with IECON2013
  • I have joined in the research group “Comercio Electronico en Colombia – GICOECOL” thanks to Luz Andrea RODRIGUEZ ROJAS with whom I will collaborate to empower the use of Open Data in e-Health.


Coding and Tools

I have implemented a real time word counter of Twitter status using different tecniques:

  • The classical Observer design pattern
  • The Storm framework, I have reused some examples to implement my own spouts and bolts
  • The Trident framework on the top of Storm, I have also reused some examples of the storm-starter project customizing the code to get a better understanding

Other things

This week I have started the 3-month Greek course and I am very happy because I can now understand some words and read a little bit 🙂 Besides my classmates are from a lot of countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Bosnia, France, Serbia, New Zealand, Italy, Moldova and Russia. It is a GREAT experience.


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