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Week #1 in Thessaloniki

As you may know I am starting a new stage in a new country and institution. Now I am a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher (Postdoc) working at SEERC in Thessaloniki, more specifically in the RELATE-ITN FP7 project. My research will be address some topics such as stream reasoning, cloud computing, big data, etc. to create a system for monitoring QoS in cloud computing environments and service oriented architectures. As far as I know the objective is to get information about applications on the cloud and verify that the current status of different variables are aligned to SLAs so it is necessary to continuosly gather data from applications, promote to an existing knowledge-base and check restrictions through reasoning processes for finally making decisions such as new provisioning, etc.

This first week I was adapting to my new office and I would like to thank you to all administrative staff and colleagues from SEERC for their warm welcome! I am very motivated. My work during this first week was focused on reading papers, testing tools and coding some prototypes. Following I am going to leave a summary of my activities:

Reading (specs, research papers and books)


  • I am finishing a technical report abou our work in the Webindex project
  • I am starting to write some papers in different topics that I will announce as soon as they are finished

Development and testing

This is more or less what I have been doing this first week, I think I have improved and refreshed part of my know-how and I have also designed a first version of “A semantic-based lambda architecture for QoS Management in Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architectures” that I will present on Tuesday.
Let’s rock it!

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